Announcements / Jan 25th, 2024

Creative Alliance Announces New Leadership

Jason Steer New Executive Director

Creative Alliance is thrilled to announce the arrival of Jason Steer as the new Executive Director of Creative Alliance. Jason comes to Creative Alliance from the famed Apollo Theatre in New York where he served in several senior roles spanning programming, educational leadership, and youth engagement. With over two decades of experience, Jason is known for his commitment to community engagement, inclusivity, nurturing talent on and off stage, strategic program design, and partnership-building.

A champion for inclusivity, Jason skillfully employs his creative insights to amplify the voices of those often marginalized, ensuring they are heard, valued, and empowered. His academic background in studio art and sociology underpins his understanding of the complex interplay between art and society, enabling him to effectively engage with culture seekers from all walks of life.

At the Apollo, Jason was instrumental in creating a comprehensive arts and entertainment succession pipeline program. His efforts significantly contributed to nurturing emerging talents in the arts while strengthening community ties.

Jason joins Creative Alliance ready to animate a vibrant season set to explore three themes across disciplines: Roots of Creativity, Live Out Loud, and Feel The Rhythm. Highlights include the Baltimore Crankie Festival (hand-cranked, scrolling panoramas used for storytelling with live music) returning in May, the 25th anniversary of the Great Halloween Lantern Parade and Festival, the Walk On By exhibition that partners Baltimore artists with artists in our Sister City of Rotterdam in the Netherlands, plus a robust new line-up of movement, cultural cooking, and creative arts classes in our Creativity Center.

“Baltimore presents an exhilarating opportunity for me to merge my personal journey with the diverse narratives of the city. As a creator, an immigrant, and a Black man, I’ve navigated the complexities of being misunderstood, and I’ve witnessed firsthand the transformative power of art in giving voice to the voiceless. In Baltimore, with its rich cultural tapestry, I see a canvas where art can be a bridge, connecting diverse experiences and fostering deeper understanding beyond words. My aspiration is to contribute, even in modest ways, to amplifying the voices of artists and their creations in this vibrant community, championing their stories as they shape the city’s unique identity.” – Jason Steer, Creative Alliance Executive Director

The strategic direction for Creative Alliance over the next five years emphasizes the development of programs that support personal enrichment and self-realization, fostering social cohesion and belonging, and creating opportunities for artists to advance their careers.

The new Creativity Center, which opened in November of 2022, hosts a wide range of classes and workshops for youth and adults and is also home to Creative Alliance’s free after school programming for low income families.

Amy Seto, a Partner at Brown Advisory and long time patron and fan of Creative Alliance, steps into her position as Board President in 2024.

“We are thrilled to welcome Jason Steer to Creative Alliance and to Baltimore. Jason brings to us his vision and experience in spearheading impactful initiatives and cultivating strategic collaborations. He will lead our beloved staff and organization to new heights.” – Amy Seto, Creative Alliance Board President

As Jason eagerly anticipates his new role, the Baltimore community can look forward to benefiting from his broad experience, innovative leadership, and passion for service. His journey continues to be a testament to the power of arts and culture in enriching lives and communities.