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Mon Mar 18

The final performance and school residency activities of the Nisa'a | Women: Muslim Cultural Identity - Six Women on Stage and in Conversation series celebrates all the work done over the past two years with incredible women performers.

"We in the united states have a troubled, complicated relationship with Islam. What we need and what we see in this program is a way to humanize and bring out the beauty of the tradition, and the people who practice the tradition, and the people who find comfort and solace in the tradition."  - Dr. Homayra Ziad

Fri Feb 22

It’s possible that our March schedule is the most musically diverse in the history of Creative Alliance. From ancient Moroccan trance sounds to Tuvan throat singing to Brazilian samba, it is a lineup of wildly thrilling world sounds.

Wed Feb 20

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Thu Jan 3

For most students and professors, the month of January is a time to wind down. The craziness that is the fall semester is over, the holidays are in full-effect, and for many it’s now time to take a little break before the following spring semester kicks off - not for Samantha Sethi.

Samantha Sethi, Creative Alliance Resident Artist, has two shows going on during this “down time” - Permanence and Counterweight.


Upcoming Events

  • Bombino

    w/ Dead Messengers

    TUE MAR 19 8PM

    Home.  Where  the  heart  is.  For  Bombino  and  most  other  Tuareg,  there’s  only  one  place  that  can  be.  In  recent  years,  the  rest  of  the  world  has  largely  written  off  that  home  as  a  hot  and  savage  wasteland,  a  bolt  hole  for  religious  extremists  and  terrorists,  a  geopolitical  video  nasty  with  little  to  offer  apart  from  the  oil,  gold  and  phosphates  that  lie  beneath  its  soil.  But  Bombino  would  like  us  to  take  a  closer  look  and  think  again.  His  feelingsare  beautifully  summed  up  in  the  song  “Tehigren”(‘Trees’),  from  his  brand  new  album  ‘Deran’:  ‘Do  not  forget  the  green  trees  /  In  our  valleys  in  the  Sahara  /  In  the  shade  of  which,  /  Rest  the  beautiful  girls  /  Radiant  and  lovable’.  

    How  to  celebrate  that desert  home,  how  to  protect  it,  develop  it,  unify  it,  respect  it  and,  above  all,  never  forget  it,  are  the  salient  themes  of  ‘Deran.’They’re  dressed  up  in  ten  songs  of  rare  maturity  and  power  that  mark  a  turning  point  in  the  career  of  a  guitarist and  songwriter  who was  bornin  the  shade  of  an  acacia  tree  about  eighty  miles  north  west  of  the  ancient  town  of  Agadez,  and  has  since  risen  to  forefront  of  the  new  Tuaregguitar  generation.  It’s  a  turning  back  the  source  of  everything  that  makes  Bombino  who  he  is.

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  • MEMBERS ONLY: Kite Making Party

    @Creative Alliance

    ***THIS EVENT IS SOLD OUT*** WED MAR 20 | 6-7PM & 7:15-8:15PM
    ***THIS EVENT IS SOLD OUT*** Join Haitian artist, Armand Myrthil, in the Marquee Lounge for a guided ... (read more)
  • Lonestar Legends: Kinky Friedman & Dale Watson

    THU MAR 21 8PM

    For the first time ever, two Texas musical legends- the outrageous & though provoking Kinky Friedman, and the stubbornly independent traditionalist Dale Watson, join forces, sharing a night of songs, stories and humor.

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  • Tuvan Throat Singing: Alash Ensemble

    SUN MAR 24 8PM

    Alash are masters of Tuvan throat singing, a remarkable technique for singing multiple pitches at the same time. Masters of traditional Tuvan instruments as well as the art of throat singing, Alash are deeply committed to traditional Tuvan music and culture. At the same time, they are fans of western music. Believing that traditional music must constantly evolve, the musicians subtly infuse their songs with western elements, creating their own unique style that is fresh and new, yet true to their Tuvan musical heritage.

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