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support black artists in baltimore
Fri Jun 5

We all can do so much more. One direct way is to ensure maximum financial support goes to Black artists and communities. Here is a list of upcoming performances, virtual classes, organizations, and local restaurants that could use your support. 

A commitment from creative alliance
Wed Jun 3

These past weeks have been challenging for us. As staff, we have had to pause, look into the heart of our organization, revisit our mission, and reaffirm our commitment to our community, humanity, inclusivity, and to listen and learn with openness.
To Black communities: we hear you, we stand with you, and we are committed to digging deeper and joining you in dismantling the embedded systemic issues within our society. We will speak out against racist acts (both subtle and overt) and create a safe space for collaboration and communication. Many of these systemic issues exist within our own organization. We will do the hard work to help facilitate change right here at the Creative Alliance. 

We will listen, learn, speak up, and act. 

deliverable summer gift ideas
Mon Jun 1

Need some summertime gifts that can arrive right on your friend or loved ones' doorstep? We have lots of ideas for you! Better yet, everything in this list supports local artists, musicians, and teachers whose income has been affected in the past months.

the big show creative alliance members exhibition and variety show
Wed May 27

Our 25th annual members' extravaganza IS happening! 

The BIG Show Exhibition Opening & Variety Show will take place on Saturday, July 18th, 2020 – and we want you to participate! Don't miss the opportunity to have your artwork on the walls of our main gallery (yes, on our actual walls), or your fabulous talents showcased on our virtual stage! Who knows... you might be the next BIG thing!

The BIG Show was the very first Creative Alliance program that launched twenty-five years of artistic expression, community, cultivation of young minds, and so much joy. It all began in our original location in Fells Point in 1995 and, after few moves, landed in the renovated Patterson Theater in 2003 to spur artistic development in Highlandtown. But, Creative Alliance is more than a location. It’s more than a building. It’s a force for positive change in Southeast Baltimore and beyond. It's a community of artists and audiences that believe in the power of artistic expression. And so... The BIG Show must go on!


Upcoming Events

  • Sidewalk Serenades: Eze Jackson

    Close (But Not Too Close) Personal Concerts

    SAT JUL 4 | 12PM, 1PM, 2PM, 3PM, 4PM,& 5PM

    Eze Jackson is a pillar of the Baltimore music scene. An insanely talented hip hop MC, front-man for the band Soul Cannon,  an ever-present collaborator, and an artist who infuses soul and justice into his every word- his words and spirit are needed now more than ever!

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  • Sidewalk Serenades: Ken & Brad Kolodner

    Close (But Not Too Close) Personal Concerts

    SAT JUL 4 | 12pm, 2pm, 4pm, & 6pm

    Ken & Brad Kolodner are massively popular in the Old Time music community. Their past Sidewalk Serenades, alongside bassist Alex Laquement, have been beloved high points of the past few months. For these special July 4th Serenade’s, they are performing longer pop up concerts of 30-40 min, to let the power of their music really sink in.

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  • Sidewalk Serenades: Brandon Woody Quartet

    Close (But Not Too Close) Personal Concerts

    SAT JUL 4 | 12PM, 1PM, 2PM, 3PM, 4PM, 5PM, 6PM, &7PM

    Brandon Woody is a young Baltimore trumpeter who is making an indelible mark on the jazz scene. For this July 4th blow out, he brings out real musical fireworks with Troy Long on keys, Salem Kamalu on synth and key bass, and Allen Branch on drums. 

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  • Sidewalk Serenades: Caleb Stine

    Close (But Not Too Close) Personal Concerts

    SAT JUL 4 | 1pm, 2pm, 3pm, 4pm, 5pm, 6pm, 7pm, & 8pm

    Caleb Stine, Baltimore’s own Yankee Doodle Dandy, helps close out the Sidewalk Serenades season as he kicked it off, with his own brand of folk country wisdom and musical mysticism.

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