Announcements / Apr 15th, 2020

Samantha’s Film Recommendations!

Creative Alliance | Samantha's Film Recommendations

You might remember Samantha as the former Film Curator at Creative Alliance. But just because she’s moved to film production doesn’t mean that she hasn’t kept up with the latest and greatest in cinema! The news lately is sending her to a rare emotional state, so she is turning to her comfort films as well as exciting new independent releases to immerse herself in different, far-off worlds or time periods.

For Samantha, you can’t go wrong with strong French female filmmakers. So, Mati Dop’s Atlantics and Claire Denis’ 35 Shots of Rum are at the top of her list for creative inspiration. She recommends these as a double feature. Then, there are the American comedies like Shampoo and First Wives Club to make you laugh until you cry. She loves unique documentaries like Bisbee ’17 and Edge of Democracy to remember the ways we can transform our reality through filmmaking. And then, when she really needs to escape, there’s always Korean soaps. Take care of yourselves, and watch good cinema!


The Farewell, 2019 (Family Drama), Amazon

Blow Out, 1981 (Political Drama), Amazon

First Wives Club, 1996 (Girl Power Comedy), Amazon

Shampoo, 1975 (Comedy), Amazon

Bisbee ’17, 20218 (Collaborative Documentary), Kanopy

35 Shots of Rum, 2010 (French Family Drama), Kanopy

The Fits, 2016 (Drama), Kanopy

Burning, 2019 (Korean Psychological Mystery), Netflix

Atlantics, 2019 (Supernatural Romantic Drama), Netflix

The Edge of Democracy, 2019 (Brazilian Documentary), Netflix

Booksmart, 2019 (Comedy), Hulu

Capturing the Friedmans, 2013 (Mystery Documentary), Hulu

Crash Landing On You, 2020 (Korean Drama), Netflix