Announcements / Apr 15th, 2020

Baltimore Window Gallery: Call for Window Art!

Creative Alliance | Baltimore window gallery

Help us turn Baltimore into a city-wide gallery – create window art!

For the time being, the doors to museums and galleries all over Baltimore and the world are closed. While we can visit them online for inspiration, why don’t we create our own galleries at home? Let’s create artwork inside to exhibit outside! 
Everyone is welcome to join Creative Alliance in creating a Baltimore-wide art project to help bring some joy, encourage creativity, and stimulate the minds of those staying safely indoors. We hope to encourage interaction, collaboration within neighborhoods, and a way to connect with each other. 

Here’s how to get involved:

1. Find a window

(big, small, high in the air, wherever you’d like and someplace you can safely access)

 2. Create!

Need Ideas? Here are some suggestions for window galleries you might create:

  • ‘Thank You’ window for the first responders, essential personal, doctors, nurses, hospital and delivery workers who might walk past your window
  • Let your window be your voice: a sign of solidarity, call to action, a celebration of Pride
  • Window Garden
  • Tissue Paper Stained Glass
  • Your favorite Baltimore Landmark

Here’s a Pinterest Board for inspiration but creativity is limitless! We look forward to your ideas, concepts, and self-expression.

3. Send us a photo

Email your contribution to the Baltimore Window Gallery to along with your address or general location!  

4. Share!

Post it on social media with the hashtag #bmorewindowgallery and tag Creative Alliance! 
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View some created windows of the #baltimorewindowgallery on Instagram