Announcements / Oct 9th, 2013



Creative Alliance is aglow with eerie and heavenly Halloween spectacles and activities to awe and delight children and adults. Not to be missed this Halloween season is our beloved The Great Halloween Lantern Parade & Festival, featured this year in The Baltimore Sun. This year the theme is Cosmic Park in celebration of the universe, heavens, stars, and all celestial bodies, which will converge in our very own Patterson Park. Read more…In preparation for this other worldly event, create a stupendous luminary at our lantern making workshops. After the parade, attend our phenomenal Halloween after-party The Glow Ball, including an All Out Adult Costume Competition with celebrity judge Sunrize Highway who will assess the fabulousness of your costumes!

Don’t miss Chris LaMartina and Jimmy George’s terrifying horror film night, plan to get your socks blown off at the Famous Pontani Sisters Burlesque, and the night before Halloween is the impressive mind-reading duo Tessa and Jeff Evason who return to their home state that evening to communicate, through their audience, with the spirit world.