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Indigenous Arts for Kids: Kids Hoop Dancing

In Collaboration w/ Baltimore American Indian Center

Fri, Nov 10th 6:00 pm in the Creativity Center Dance Studio


Led by Ms. Chief Rocka, introduce your kids to the traditional Native American art and practice of hoop dancing. Through playful movement and deep storytelling, students learn the rich history of this practice and work together to honor this tradition as an expressive and thoughtful ensemble.

For families: This class occurs at the same time as the Indigenous Cooking class for adults, for a memorable cultural experience for the whole family!

Time: 6:00-8:30 PM
Location: Creativity Center, 3137 Eastern Ave. Baltimore MD 21224
​Age Range: Ages 8+
Cost: $25, $22 members
Materials: Comfy clothes for moving!

The Baltimore American Indian Center (BAIC) is a nonprofit organization founded in 1968 to “assist and support American Indian (AI) & Alaskan Native (AN) families moving into an urban environment and adjusting to the culture change they will experience.” Today the BAIC is resource in the greater Baltimore area where Natives can learn what it means to be AI and that educates non-Native people about the myriad cultures and legacies of AI and AN people.

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