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Bataireacht: Irish Stick Fighting

w/ Strange Fox Fighting Arts

Sat, Feb 24th 1:30 pm in the Creativity Center Dance Studio

Feel the Rhythm

Bataireacht (or “Irish stick fighting”) is a traditional Irish martial art where folks use walking sticks (shillelaghs) for self and community defense. This martial art has played a pivotal role in communal resistance to colonization in Ireland over hundreds of years and was almost lost to memory due to the Famine and targeted colonial campaigns to eradicate the practice. In these workshops, instructor Cuán S. McCann teach esRince An Bata Uisce Bheatha, the Doyle family style of bataireacht, which has a hidden dance history and beginner-friendly learning curve.

Where: Creativity Center, 3137 Eastern Ave. Baltimore MD 21224
When: FEB 24 | 1:30-3:30PM
Age Range: 16+
Cost: $30 standard, $27 members
Materials: None

Masks are required for this event!

Instructor Bio
Cuán S. McCann (he/him) is a white trans person of Irish and Southern Italian descent living on unceded Piscataway land (Baltimore, Maryland), a big old homo, and a teacher of Irish martial arts. He is a certified Level 5 Instructor in the Doyle family style of bataireacht, and he teaches classes online and in-person through his new school, Strange Fox Fighting Arts. Prior to finding his life calling in teaching his ancestral martial art, Cu worked as a facilitator and social practice artist for over 20 years. It is his joy to blend these experiences together to provide playful and powerful martial arts training for folks who haven’t felt comfortable or welcome in other combat arts spaces for a variety of reasons.

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