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How you can help the Artesanas of Creative Alliance

Creative Alliance | Artesanas

As we are sure you’re well aware, COVID-19 hits vulnerable communities the hardest. Our Latinx immigrant neighbors are no exception to the rule. While many of us can fall back on social safety nets, such as unemployment and government benefits, many members of the Latinx community are not supported due to immigration status; therefore, they are more vulnerable than ever before. To make matters worse, many families’ main source of income are jobs in the service industry, which has been hit hardest by the COVID-19 public health regulations. 

The Artesanas of Creative Alliance are a group of talented women, who are natives of Latin American countries, living in Southeast Baltimore, such as Mexico, El Salvador, and Ecuador. They honor their Latin American heritage by demonstrating, sharing, and teaching traditional crafts. Prior to the new restrictions, the Artesanas had been working closely with our CIELO (Creative Immigrants and Entrepreneurs of Latin American Origin) and Education departments to provide after-school enrichment programs in area schools. They also shared their artistic traditions by offering community workshops at festivals, libraries, and universities. Artesanas also produced bilingual programs for all ages, including how to make piñatas, alebrije masks, papel picado, sugar skulls, Day of the Dead altars, corn husk art forms, paper flowers, and much more. 

Creative Alliance is working with the Artesanas every day to support their incredible work, so you can their talents into your homes in this time of much-needed creativity! 

Here’s how you can help:

  • Make a donation directly to the Artesanas: Simply type “Artesanas” in the Additional Comment field and 100% of your donation will go directly to them.
  • Purchase a Fiesta Pack or Mask: Everything you need to host a fiesta at home! The pack includes: make your own piñata project, decorations, papel picado, instructions in both English and Spanish, and more. The Artesanas have also been creative masks and for each purchased mask we will also donate a mask to a family in need. Packs and masks will be delivered to your door within the Baltimore city limits. Proceeds go directly to the Artesanas whose income has been affected during this time.
  • Spread the word: At this time, you may not be able to donate, and that’s ok! We would love your help getting the word out. Please share the cooking and demonstration videos to broadcast the incredible work of these talented women in our community.
  • Meet the Artesanas: Find out more about each Artesana and their individual talents and businesses.

Cooking | Chiles Rellenos with Lilia Torres 
Craft | How To Make A Traditional Piñata Part I

ZUMBA & More! | Facebook Live

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Creative Alliance Artesanas from Creative Alliance on Vimeo.