Announcements / Jan 23rd, 2020

Creative Alliance kicks off their 25th Birthday year with an exhibition highlighting 25 emerging artists

Creative Alliance | on the verge exhibition

This Saturday, Creative Alliance kicks off our 25th Birthday year with an exhibition highlighting 25 emerging artists. 

When presented with the incredible milestone of Creative Alliance’s 25th birthday year in 2020, Visual Arts Curator Thomas James and Executive Director Gina Caruso decided to create an exhibition that honors the original mission of Creative Alliance: to introduce emerging artists to the audiences of Baltimore. As Creative Alliance moved from The Halcyon Gallery in Fells Point to The Patterson, the organization has, in the intervening 25 years, exhibited some of the most impressive and important shows in the region. 
The artists chosen for On the Verge: 25 New and Emerging Artists represent a wide range of style, media, and material. This exhibition serves as a platform to help Creative Alliance move its vision forward by showing the work of new and emerging artists of all ages and cultural backgrounds.
In addition to celebrating each artist individually, On the Verge also highlights many different races, ethnic groups, ages, and sexual orientations. This exhibit includes artists from Baltimore, Washington, DC, Cincinnati, Chicago, Nashville, as well as international artists who hail from Japan, Brazil, China, Iran, and Pakistan. We are honored to have these talented artists all under one roof.  

Jack Coyle, Walter Cruz, Sara Dittrich, Italo Duarte, Nicole Dyer, Alexandre Edoh Yao Amegah, Erin Fitzpatrick, Andrew Flanders, Kayla Fryer, Carrie Fucile, Jerrell Gibbs, Alexis Gomez, Taha Heydari, Jani Hileman, Kei Ito, Megan Koeppel, Amani Lewis, Charles Mason III, James “Alpha” Massaquoi, Murjoni Merriweather, Jason Patterson, J. Alex Schechter, Sul-Jee Scully, You Wu, Kyle Yearwood