Announcements / Feb 9th, 2015

In The Gallery: Paul Rucker REWIND

Creative Alliance | Paul Rucker REWIND

Paul Rucker’s solo exhibition REWIND visually embodies America’s uncomfortable history regarding issues of social justice through sculptural installations, text, quilts, animations, and special events that will occur throughout the course of the exhibition. Spanning both the main gallery, and Rucker’s own Studio 6 on the second floor of the Creative Alliance, REWIND re-envisions and re-imagines past historical events and alludes to their relationship with current issues of race and injustice in America. Examples include the bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama, as well as the brutal slayings of Medgar Evers, Sean Bell, and Trayvon Martin.

Created over many years, REWIND represents the largest collection of Rucker’s work to-date and is a powerful catalyst for community discussion in light of the social violence that has permeated the international news media. Special to this exhibition, Rucker is creating a newspaper guide to give viewers descriptive access to the concept-driven visuals  as they encounter his work.

PLEASE NOTE: Some of the visuals in the exhibition may be disturbing.

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FEB 21 – Bread and Conversation and Creating Together: Responding To and Engaging with REWIND, led by Liz Lerman and Paul Rucker – please register
This extended workshop and dialogue is hosted by MacArthur fellow Liz Lerman and Robert W. Deutsch Foundation fellow Paul Rucker, based on a modified version of Liz’s Critical Response Process, along with interactive experiences based on the thoughts and hopes of the assembled group. 10am-2pm Suggested Donation of $10 – No one will be turned away because of lack of funds

FEB 28 – Artist Talk