Announcements / Jan 31st, 2013

Get in the Film Noir Mood for the Marquee Ball

Creative Alliance | East by East Eastern

If you find yourself on the wrong side of the tracks this Friday night around 8pm, you might get a ticket and directions telling you to go west on Eastern then turn north on East, there on the north by northwestern corner is a building that’s not what it seems.

It is a group of “Actor Types” poking some fun at these stylized Hollywood melodramas. You’ve watched the stars on the silver screen before, you know the ones, the deadly dames, dangerous hoods, crooked cops, dreamers of broken dreams and flawed heroes. Find out about it in … East by East Eastern.

Bone up on your noir lingo before Friday:

  • ace: typical gangster nickname
  • axe: musical instrument
  • big house: prison
  • bracelets: handcuffs
  • cabbage: money
  • choppers: teeth
  • cough up: hand over
  • crooner: singer (male)
  • dame: a woman
  • dick: detective
  • eyeball: look at
  • grab some air: hands up
  • grub: food
  • gumshoe: private eye
  • hit the pavement: walk
  • hooch: liquor
  • hot: stolen
  • ice: diamonds
  • java: coffee
  • kingpin: head gangster
  • mac: form of address for a man
  • sing: confess
  • sister: form of address for a woman
  • stool pigeon: informer
  • sucker/a: what no one plays you for
  • talk: confess
  • tomato: a woman