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Music, Performance & Film

Youth Against Guns – Teen Council Presentation

A Community Fair and Showcase created by the 2023 Creative Alliance Teen Council.

Fri, Aug 11th 4:30 pm in the The Theater

All are welcome!

Creative Alliance Teen Council 2023 | BUS Stop
Teen Council Presentation

“Youth Against Guns” is a variety arts show created by the 2023 Creative Alliance Teen Council as part of the Youth Works Summer Program. The show brings to light the problems youth and our community face with gun violence. Teen Council is passionate about bringing change to gun violence through the arts as it affects our friends, family, neighbors, and community members.

“Spreading the word throughout our community is key to creating a peaceful Baltimore.”

Teen Council hopes this event ignites into something that changes the view of Baltimore from constant violence and suffering into a place known for its beauty, culture, and history. Thank you for coming out to support “Youth Against Guns” and please remember you are part of this change for our future generations.


Meet The Teen Council!

Ana: My name is Ana Herrera Hernandez, I’m 16 years of age, and I’m of Mexican Heritage. I attend The Baltimore City College High School and am currently a rising junior. My Future Career is something in Culinary because it was always my calling and I love cooking for people. My main role in the project is communication and culture communications, and my other role is a director of the show and I’ll be introducing the show the day of.  


Adarelys: My name is Adarelys Sanchez-Caltempa and I am of Mexican heritage. I’m 17 years old and is a rising senior at The Baltimore Polytechnic Institute. I was a part of the communications team and the props team.


Josue: My name is Josue David Morales-Mjeia. I’m 14 years old, I’m hispanic and I am going to be a Freshman at​​ The Park School of Baltimore. In the Teen council I worked in our fashion department and was one of the directors. I like doing a lot of things, but when I am older I would want to work in the stocks because I like the math and science behind it. 


Adah: My name is Adah McRae, I am 17 years old and I attend Bard high school early college. One thing about me is that I love behavioral sciences. It intrigues me knowing the mechanics behind people and understanding why they do the things they do. I would love to be a scientist working with the neurological field when I get older. At creative alliance I am a part of the fashion team, as well as the film team, and I also worked as a director for our show.


Cristian: My name is Cristian Mejia, I am 13 years old and I attend to Centro Escolar Lancaster in Mexico. I really love drawing people. Since i was 7 years old I loved to draw with my friends in school. I want to study something psychoanalyst related. My role in this project is crafting props and designing things like logos and invitations.


Jacqueline: My name is Jacqueline Hernandez, I am 16 years old and I attend Western High School and i deaf but I love to build and crochet and draw and do math. My role is budget and graph design.


Aaniyah: My name is Aaniyah Hill, I am 14 years old and attend Baltimore City College High School. One thing about me is I am interested in social justice and criminal law. I love to debate and have discussions about different opinions. My main role in the show is the dance and poetry team. 


Keirin: My name is Keirin Guevara. I am a rising senior at Western High School. I enjoy learning about anything, especially professional pathways. I am interested in finances and engineering. My hobbies include writing, photography, and make-up. The biggest motivation in my life are my two younger siblings because I want to make their journey less hard than mine. I aspire to become a college graduate and be part of an important job for the community.


Sophia: My name is Sophia Park. I’m 14, a rising freshman that will be attending the Friends School of Baltimore. I’m South Korean but was born and raised in Baltimore. I’m passionate about a variety of arts. Fashion, music, painting/drawing, pottery/ceramics, etc. When I’m older, I’d like to do something related to one of these arts. In the teen council project, I’m a part of the props, graphic design, and fashion team.


Gus: My name is Gus Bruckmann Juknevicius. I’m 14 and a rising freshman at city college high school. I’m Lithuanian and German. I was born in Oakland, California and raised in Baltimore Maryland. I would like to work in physical therapy or sports recovery. In the project i do a lot of work behind the scenes in video tech and directing.


Angel: My name is Angel Benitez-Silvestre. I’m 14 and a rising sophomore at Mervo. I love playing instruments and I do music production in my own time yet i’m still learning. I am part of the music and film team.


Juan: My name is Juan Villano Herrera. I’m 17 years old. I go to Digital Harbor HighSchool a rising junior, I really don’t find interest in most things.I might find it interesting for a while but then I lose interest easily. I’m part of the film,SFX/Tech,Fashion design team.


Instructor: Edwin A. Pérez is dedicated to promoting arts education & helping young people to be successful. He enjoys working with students, parents, and staff at the Creative Alliance as a Teen Council Instructor and at Parkville High School where he serves as a Spanish teacher.

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