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Music, Performance & Film

Super City

w/ Eze Jackson & Glorian

Sat, Jan 20th 7:30 pm in the The Theater

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Super City
Roots of Creativity

Super City is back at Creative Alliance for a 2-month residency, this time with local legends Glorian and Eze Jackson! Having released their first album with a record label in 2023, Super City is hitting the road again and starting the year off right in Baltimore. Their Sofaburn Records release, In the Midnight Room, is still traveling the airwaves across the country. Still bringing their melodic, guitar-driven sound to the stage, Super City is known for blending heavy rock elements and danceability, all with band choreography that results in striking live performances. This Baltimore band expertly crafts guitar and synth earworms that thrive on the creative tension between bombastic rock and roll and stylized movements. Their structures and melodies leave no room for a dull track.

Eze Jackson is an emcee, producer, and community organizer. As the frontman of the hip-hop/fusion band Soul Cannon as well as a solo artist, he has toured the US and released six projects independently, bringing high energy and forward-thinking lyrics to almost any musical challenge. His most recent solo album, Fool, has been well received in Baltimore and surrounding areas with critical acclaim. Under the moniker “Ezewriter,” Eze’s prolific ability to tell stories and paint pictures has allowed him to stand out as a writer for all genres of local music, stage, tv, and film projects. Eze is the Founder, Creator, and Chief Visionary Officer of EPIC FAM. EPIC FAM is a Baltimore-based entertainment and media company, unifying a collective of the City’s best multi-genre musical artists and arts & culture creatives. He is the proud and doting father of three beautiful daughters, Selah, Sarai, and Zadie.

Glorian is the new experimental pop project of Joseph Mulhollen, former founder and front person of Joseph & The Beasts and a frequent live musician for Micah E. Wood, The Selkies, and Stevie Nicks tribute supergroup White-Winged Dove. From operatic dance tracks to experimental acoustic sets, Glorian combines Mulhollen’s love of neo-folk and electronic dance pop.

The band really turns their guitars up to 11 and just don’t look back at all—blowing through 2:29 with nonstop hooks and singer Dan Ryan’s crooning vocals. I could try going into the intricacies of how their drums and bass also do some heavy lifting too (or something similarly pretentious) but in all honesty, just go listen to this absolutely blistering track.  –Buffablog

This type of smart-rock has been notably absent from the charts in recent years, and it sounds fabulous. The crisp guitars and inviting synth work provide an excellent foundation – and the song’s video has a David Lynch-like feel. –Beats Per Minute

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