Learn the fundamentals of improv comedy with skilled and supportive instructors from Highwire Improv. We’ll play some very silly games, learn how to create characters, explore techniques to collaborate and create as a team, and even perform full improvised scenes together! Of course, you won’t be facing this new experience alone—you’ll be learning these new skills with a team of new improvisers, and by the end you’ll be ready to put on a showcase for your friends, family, and fans!

Over six weeks, learn the fundamentals of improv comedy through a combination of warm-ups, games, exercises, and practice scenes. Highwire Improv’s expert instructor will be with you every step of the way, holding the space to make silly choices, explore comedy, and create art together. No performance, acting, or comedy experience is required, but by the end you will be confident and ready to show off your new skills!

Where: Creativity Center, 3137 Eastern Ave. Baltimore MD 21224
Class: Thursdays | Feb 1 – Mar 7 | 6:30-8:30PM
Showcase: Sunday | Mar 10 | 1:30PM
Age Range: Adult
Cost: $225 standard, $200 members
Materials: All supplies provided!

About Highwire Improv
Improv is the process of a community coming together to make art in real-time.  Although there are many improv techniques, training programs, and performance practices, at Highwire Improv our process begins with community. That includes our performers, the people of Baltimore, and the larger improv community across the world.  Our motto, Community First, commits us to learning how we can all create theater, and bring our community to the world through the art of improv.  We are a reaction to the negative impulses and incentives we have seen in improv, in theater, and in our daily lives.

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