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Get On My Level: A Greenmount West Community Center Exhibition

December 14, 2023 - January 19, 2024 in the Amalie Rothschild Gallery

Free for everyone

Galleries are free to the public.

Exhibition Opening: THU DEC 14 | 6-9PM, featuring a performance of The Wiz Jr. by R.I.S.E students!
On View: THU DEC 14 – SAT JAN 20

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Get On My Level is a collaboration among Creative Alliance, artist kolpeace, Greenmount West Community Center (GWCC), and R.I.S.E. To showcase this very special collaboration, on opening night, R.I.S.E students with perform The Wiz Jr. in the Patterson theater!

R.I.S.E Emerging Artists is a program for students ages 14-24 who are neurodiverse and looking to learn more about entrepreneurship by developing their own arts-based businesses. Get On My Level features works of art by youth in Baltimore. This is a youth-led celebration that highlights the hard work and skills displayed during their 6-week summer program at GWCC, from workshops and training to the hybrid program Ladies & Gentlemen’s Graffiti. The exhibition includes art by teen youth from Greenmount and Highlandtown to ensure togetherness, long lasting relationships, and resources between the neighborhoods in the city of Baltimore.

Performance (Please visit event page to purchase tickets HERE.)
Over the past two years R.I.S.E has partnered with GWCC to provide youth with a musical theater experience program. Within this program, participants experience a comprehensive and immersive exposure to the world of musical theater. Youth work with a musical theater director and choreographer to enhance their acting, dancing, vocal, social, emotional, and team-building skills in order to develop a live musical production. This fall’s musical production is The Wiz Jr. is a spectacular production that will showcase the extraordinary talents of their young performers. From the enchanting set designs to the catchy musical numbers, this show is a visual and auditory treat for the whole family. As these talented kids take center stage, they deliver an unforgettable performance that will leave you inspired, entertained, and filled with the magic of theater.

About Our Partners

Greenmount West Community Center Foundation (GWCCF) 
GWCCF was conceived in October 2016 and birthed in March 2017 in the lower level of the Baltimore Montessori Public Charter School. GWCCF is a safe space for youth in our rapidly gentrifying community. We evolve and reevaluate programming by centering the needs of our legacy community members and youth. Through intentional outreach, achieving the Greenmount West Community history, and providing person-centered social and emotional support, we have supported hundreds of Baltimore’s youth, seniors and families.

Our programs create stability for families and lessen the impact of trauma because we fill in the gaps and advocate for the well-being of our youth. We see a direct link in a family’s success when they connect with our programs and services. GWCCF youth and their families are provided the agency to make quality life decisions as they grow and are supported.

About R.I.S.E Arts Center of Baltimore Inc.
R.I.S.E is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that provides a multidisciplinary arts education to youth in underserved communities and neurodivergent youth and young adults within Baltimore City. We aim to strengthen creative skill sets by utilizing art exhibitions, musical theater, art therapy, creative writing, and entrepreneurship education.

R.I.S.E Emerging Artists Program
R.I.S.E Emerging Artists is a program for students ages 14-24 who are neurodiverse and looking to learn more about entrepreneurship by developing their own arts based business. Skill areas include digital art, fine art, filmmaking, business planning, financial literacy, social skills, and entrepreneurship.

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