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Elvis’ Birthday Fight Club

4 Shows! Friday 7:30pm & 9:30pm | Saturday 7pm & 9pm

Fri, Jan 20th 9:30 pm in the The Theater

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Elvis Birthday Fight Club

LIVE AND IN PERSON, “Elvis” and Kittie Glitter take care of business as hosts of this hilarious underground fight club. This bizarre cultural phenomenon is coming out swinging with its 11th fight card. In seven elaborately staged rounds, this action-packed evening includes flim-flam fisticuffs, cartoon-like violence, below-the-belt comedy, and hot tah-tahs. Elvis’ Birthday Fight Club answers the timeless schoolyard question of “who would win in a fight between…” The Fight Roster is a closely guarded secret, and trying to anticipate what the writer’s team will come up with is half the fun. Past matchups have included Princess Leia vs Xena Warrior Princess, My Little Pony vs. Leatherface, Freddie Mercury from Queen vs The Queen of England, and Dr. Frankenfurter vs. Dr Phil. The punch-drunk logic of Elvis’ Birthday Fight Club is that “Commodious” (The King’s toilet) is determined to make Elvis’ dying wish a reality: that people would not only celebrate his birthday with cake and quaaludes, but also with back-alley fisticuffs and “hot tah-tahs.” Commodious has assembled the best “Elvis” he could afford and scored him a hot sidekick, Kittie Glitter. These two hosts oversee a subversive, surreal, and silly annual braw to honor The King of Rock N Roll.

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