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Artist Talk – Ecologies: Jan Eveland and Sarah Magida

Fri, Aug 4th 6:30 pm in the Amalie Rothschild Gallery

Free for everyone

Galleries are free to the public.

Ecologies Exhibition

View Online: COMING SOON
Exhibition Opening: JUL 7 | 6-9PM
On View: FRI JUL 7 – AUG 12
Artist Talk: FRI AUG 4 | 6:30PM

Ecologies showcases the intimate entanglements of flora and fauna that are on display between the work of Baltimore-based artists Jan Eveland and Sarah Magida. Eveland’s works explore the world of the micro in the macro, while Sarah’s works observe the macro and our cropped perspectives of nature. Both artists approach their mediums with different goals of exploring nature. Sometimes the work is delightful and engrossing, in other ways it is consuming and scary.

Ecologies is a new approach to member artists exhibitions in the Amalie Rothschild Gallery, building intergenerational dialogue through familiar mediums and themes, like organisms, life, intimate entanglements, bright color, and meandering lines​.

Artist Bios

Jan Eveland
After undergraduate, law school, and practicing law for years, Jan discovered visual arts in her 40s through recreational adult education. Between 1997 and 2003, she studied fine arts/sculpture at the Maryland Institute College of Art, gravitating to steel and incorporating discarded metal from everyday life. In the early 2000s, she refined her welding at Montgomery College and her design skills at the Corcoran School of The Arts & Design. Her metal sculptures are often figurative with strong gestural qualities; others are multimedia and whimsical. In recent years, Jan has been inspired by the extraordinary color and essential feminine form in nature. In pen and ink and luminous colored pencils on paper, she creates social commentary in intricate bio-science fiction landscapes, sometimes to an unsettling effect. Starfish float over a valley of beehives, escaping the smoke of industry to a light beyond while jellyfish and helicopter eggs soldier on. The fecundity of uterus and fallopian tubes is watched by mechanical probing eyes and invasive carnivorous plants. Most recently she has been energized through honing her color skills with Deborah Maklowski at HorseSpirit Arts Gallery in Savage, Maryland.

Sarah Magida
Sarah Magida, b. 1979, is an active artist, arts community advocate, and life coach for artists. She lives in a garden of earthly delights in Baltimore, MD, working primarily in the area of fiber art as a passage to healing. Her artwork dives into dense embroidered landscapes, sassy imaginings, very touch-ably textured voyages and juxtaposing natural wonders with delightful patterns. Fiber art offers her a deeper sense of connection and healing while working through troubled patches in her own life. Through her art she works to get in touch with her endless river of thoughts and calm her own wild mind.

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