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Dr. Sketchy’s Anti Art School: Baltimore

featuring Delilah Dentata & Jim Dandy

Thu, Mar 16th 7:00 pm in the The Theater

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A livelier life drawing event, Dr. Sketchy’s is where artists of all levels draw fabulous burlesque and variety performers! Enjoy delicious cocktails and a performance by the model, and compete in zany drawing contests to win free drinks and other awesome prizes! We’ll start off with quick 1- and 2-minute gesture poses and gradually move up to 20-minute sketches. No drawing experience is necessary; just bring your own drawing materials—and cash tips for our model—and join us for some fun figure sketching practice!

For our March session, we’re thrilled to have Delilah Dentata and Jim Dandy as our models! Jim is a veteran Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey clown, and Delilah is an award-winning burlesque performer; this incredibly funny and talented duo are also the producers and hosts of DMVariety’s “Yolks on You” burlesque and variety brunch down in DC. Come join us for what’s sure to be a hilarious night of drinks and drawing!

Here’s more about our March muses:

Delilah Dentata is a multiple-award-winning DC-based burlesque and variety performer, host, and producer. She’s got sass! She’s got sensuality! She’s got a shitload of weird facial expressions with which to unnerve you! She is truly an icon.

Delilah has delighted audiences all over the East Coast, mid-Atlantic, and Midwest with her strangely sexy burlesque numbers and penetrating eye contact that lasts just a touch too long. She has performed in Astro Pop Events’ Elvis’ Birthday Fight Club, as well as with TBD Immersive, an immersive theater experience in Washington, DC, as well as Otakon, Super Art Fight, Dr. Sketchy’s, and Naked Girls Reading.

In addition, Delilah is the co-producer of a number of successful shows, including DMVariety’s “Yolks on You” burlesque and variety brunch and Beaver and Buttstuff Production’s “Conspiratease: Burly Q-Anon” and “Make It Clapton: A Burlesque and Variety Tribute To Your Dad’s Favorite Music.” She swears it’s all very dignified, really.

You can find her on Instagram at @delilah_dentata, on Facebook, or in your weirdest, most unsettling dreams.

Jim Dandy got his performance debut in Madison Square Garden with the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus as their beloved punk rock clown.  Sporting bondage pants, a leather jacket, and trademark green chaos spiked wig, he performed for 5 years as a travelling clown where he appeared on numerous news channels, commercials, a video game, and newspapers.  During that time his performance style was described as “oblique” “zany” and “would make Sid Vicious die a second death.”  Sidenote: he is fairly certain he’s the only one in Ringling history who had the phrase “getting pussy” in a media hit.

Since then he’s brought his unique blend of vaudevillian punk rock charm to his ancestral homeland of Washington DC where he co-produces the quarterly variety brunch show “Yolks on You” and stars in Elvis’ Birthday Fight Club, America The Game Show: Fuck Yeah!, Otakon, Anime USA, Festival of Doom, ABSFest, and much more!  Jim Dandy will do anything for a laugh and this is shown as he cavorts and capers while juggling, tap dancing, fire eating, whip cracking, telling jokes, performing classic sideshow stunts, and more; sometimes all in one act!

Needless to say, he’s a busy fellow but loves meeting people on Instagram at @jimdandyfunny or on Facebook.

Doors open at 6:30—show up early to get a good seat! 18+ to draw, 21+ to drink.BYO drawing supplies. No photography or messy paints, please (watercolors are fine).

**Please note: Masks are required at Dr. Sketchy’s while not actively consuming a beverage.**

Follow Dr. Sketchy’s Baltimore on Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates!

Photo of Jim and Delilah by Stereo Vision Photography.

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