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CrankieShop: Crank That Group Up

w/ Artists Katherine Fahey and Dan Van Allen

Sat, Jan 20th 10:00 am in the Creativity Center Classroom One

Members Registration
Adult + Child
Roots of Creativity

Discover the wonders of crankies* by making a storytelling machine as a group!

Explore the basics of the art of crankie making in community. Get creative with your own section of the piece, collaborating with fellow participants to create a full-size crankie. This workshop will also feature a crankie performance by teachers Katherine Fahey and Dan Van Allen. Come prepared draw, and be open to what unfolds! Participants will be provided with a paper scroll to work alongside others. Artists will be invited to come see the final product shared at an open crank night in the Marquee Lounge.

*Crankies are the original moving pictures; a form of visual performance, involving a cranked scroll of artwork in a box.

Where: Creativity Center, 3137 Eastern Ave. Baltimore MD 21224
When: JAN 20 | 10AM– 12:30PM
Age Range: 8+ (with accompanying adult)
Cost: $20 standard, $18 members, $27 Adult + Child
Materials: All supplies provided!

Instructor Bio
Katherine Fahey, award winning puppeteer, is one of the pioneers reviving the art form of crankies, a form of visual storytelling involving a scroll of artwork in a box. Her pieces are based on stories and songs as far reaching as legends of northernmost Quebec and the swamps of Louisiana to her hometown streets of Baltimore. She has been teaching crankie making and performing nationwide since 2010. Accompanying her will be woodworker, puppeteer, and foley artist Daniel Van Allen.

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