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Music, Performance & Film

Blackscope Cinema Series: Bebe’s Kids

Part of our monthly series of Black Film in America

Thu, May 4th 7:00 pm in the The Theater

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Bebe's Kids - Blackscope Cinema Series

“I thought the devil was through when he made Rosemary’s Baby, but ohhhhhhh no. Oh no. Now we got, Bebe’s Kids.”
– Robin Harris

On Thursday, May 4th, our Blackscope Cinema Series ends with a carnival snack-themed night and a trip to FUN WORLD! Tag along on the chaotic, animated, hysterical date night of Bebe’s Kids!

Vendors include: FunnelCake King, Ethinicitees, Personal Best Ceramics, and more! Join a conversation with Dr. Chad Infante of University of Maryland after the film.

About The Film
Bebe’s Kids is the 1992 American adult animated comedy film based on comedian Robin Harris’ stand-up comedy act of the same name. Harris’ character is voiced by Faizon Love in his film debut and co-stars Vanessa Bell Calloway, Marques Houston, Nell Carter, and Tone Lōc.

Creative Alliance’s Blackscope Cinema Series expands our understanding and appreciation of Black film in America. Through varying programming, including talks, demos, and making activities, the Baltimore community is invited to celebrate modern and contemporary film from Black and Diasporic creators.

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