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2024 Baltimore Crankie Festival

Sun, May 5th 3:00 pm in the The Theater

Early Bird General Admission

Low Ticket Warning SAT 8PM!

Early Bird Members

Low Ticket Warning SAT 8PM!

General Admission

Low Ticket Warning SAT 8PM!


Low Ticket Warning SAT 8PM!


SAT 4PM & 8PM and SUN 8PM shows only!

Baltimore Crankie Festival
Roots of Creativity

Watch the world’s greatest stories unroll before your eyes! Baltimore’s beloved festival of scrolled panoramas, known as “crankies,” returns for its 10th year of fireside wonder! The festival, the largest of its kind in the country, works with artists to showcase crankies from Baltimore and beyond!

A crankie is basic in concept: it is a scroll that provides the visual narration to a story or song. Versions of the crankie have been around for hundreds of years, if not longer; their most recent iteration is directly linked to moving panoramas popular in the 19th Century. In recent years, artists have begun to embrace the intimacy of the format, creating multi-layered, immersive experiences for audiences.

Full lineup of artists and musicians to be announced in the coming weeks. All performances will feature the same lineup of artists and musicians.

Baltimore Crankie Fest
Crankie Fest 2023 | Emily Schubert
baltimore crankie fest image
Baltimore Crankie Fest

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