Workshops and Classes

From hands-on workshops exploring new materials and techniques to professional development programs and networking opportunities, our commitment to providing resources for Baltimore artists has been part of our mission from day one.

Sat Oct 16

Celebrate Black movement! The Black Choreographers Festival on October 15th & 16th brings together some of the strongest movement artists in the region to showcase new work, celebrate exceptional artistry and expand learning opportunities.

Fri Nov 5

A virtual cooking class live from Mera Kitchen. Join Chef Emilienne as she teaches how to create a delicious vegan and glutten-free peanut stew dish called Tiguèteguè (as it's called in the Dyula language, spoken in Burkina Faso). Chef Emilienne walks you through the steps in making this Burkina favorite in your own home. Tickets include an ingredient kit that will be available for pick up the day before the virtual event at Mera Kitchen in Station North.

Fri Nov 12


This event will be able to stream virtually as well as attend in-person.

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