Workshops and Classes

From hands-on workshops exploring new materials and techniques to professional development programs and networking opportunities, our commitment to providing resources for Baltimore artists has been part of our mission from day one.

Sat Apr 4


Tue Apr 7

For grades 4th-6th

In this FREE eight-week art class students are encouraged to celebrate their unique attributes by exploring concepts of science fiction, culture, fantasy, math, art, and science. Youth will explore how to tap into their own super strength and use elements of science, technology, and literature to think about ways to make our world a better place.

Thu Apr 9

The world looks very different at night. Scenes that might be ordinary during the day can take on mystery and depth at night. Splashes of light, deep shadows, reflections, highlights, mood, and atmosphere are all different and beautiful. Learning how to deal with low-light and night scenes can open up an entirely new world of subject matter for the photographer.

Sat Apr 11

Join Mindfulness teacher Phillip McKnight in an exploration of mindfulness and creativity! Learn the basics of mindfulness, start a weekly meditation practice, and explore mindful creativity from the comfort of your own home.

Sat Apr 18

Be inspired by the iconic scenes that surround you! Learn to paint the Domino Sugars sign, the Pagoda, St. Michael’s golden onion domes, Natty Boh, the Washington Monument, the Bromo tower, or maybe even your rowhouse on a small keepsake window screen.

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