Music and Performance

Wed Sep 18

A livelier life drawing event, Dr. Sketchy's is where artists of all levels draw fabulous burlesque and variety performers! Enjoy delicious cocktails and a performance by the model, and compete in fun contests to win prizes from Blick Art Materials.

Fri Sep 20

Mortified is a comic excavation of teen angst artifacts (journals, letters, poems, lyrics, home movies, stories, and more) as shared by their original authors before total strangers

Sat Sep 21

Clarinetist Michael Winograd has been a leading figure in the post-revivalist generation of performers of Klezmer music.  Klezmer, instrumental Ashkenazi Jewish folk music, was rediscovered and renewed beginning in 1980s following a twenty year lull.  Baby-boomer jazz and folk musicians, interested in digging up this lost culture, (for many whom it was their own,) submerged themselves in old records, organized bands, and jump started the Klezmer Revival.  

Sun Sep 22

“A little bit invitin’, a little bit excitin’, a little bit ignitin’ ... that’s my trademark,” proclaims an old song. And that’s the Blue Moon Cowgirls, four Washington, DC-area musicians with their own refreshing approach to country music. A shimmering trio of female voices backed by flexible acoustic instrumentation, the Blue Moon Cowgirls blend front-porch directness with neon-lit sophistication as they sing about home and highways, heaven and honkytonks, heartbreak and hope.

Fri Sep 27

We are breaking out both of the pianos for a night of ivory tickling mastery with boogie woogie great Daryl Davis and jazz-funk visionary Lafayette Gilchrist.

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