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Roots Music, Crankies, and Sweet Songs!

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As the weather cools down, we love to turn on some sweet fiddle tunes on the old hi-fi. Nothing warms us up like some Western Swing, and no band on the planet is moving this sound forward like The Quebe Sisters. We love this band, and they love our audiences. They just released a new record with their own, original compositions, and it’s wonderful. Their show on Friday, November 8th, is the perfect start to our season of roots music, including a tribute to the late Daniel Johnston, a night of hot jazz with Daisy Castro, a pair of record releases with Caleb Stine & The Revelations and local bluegrass n’ boogie heroes the High & Wides, and a night of Hank Williams tunes. And, of course, we start the next decade with our always fabulous Crankie Fest.

Progressive Western Swing
The Quebe Sisters

The western swing sound developed by Bob Wills and others has evolved in style and substance, with no group refining it more than Texas’s own Quebe Sisters. Fronted by sisters Grace, Sophia, and Hulda, the group is a triple threat of vocal harmonies matched with exceptional three-part fiddling. Tix & Info

Daisy Castro Quartet
MON NOV 11 | 8PM

With roots firmly planted in the fiery passion of the Jazz Manouche tradition, Daisy Castro’s unique style refreshes and renews with a modern edge and global influence and instrumentation. She brings the sounds of the past and future together in a very exciting way. Tix & Info

The Late Great Daniel Johnston:
Baltimore Covers
THU NOV 14 | 8PM

Daniel Johnston’s perspective was his own, for sure. But his lyrics, like any great songwriter, have that unique ability to be bent and twisted to take on the voice and emotion of singers from all walks of life. Performances By: Anne Watts | Bob Keal | Caleb Stine | Yes Selma | Dave Heumann | Janel Leppin | Mole Suit Choir​ | Micah E. Wood | Nate Yielding | Suzie Doogan & Emily Salinas | Walker Teret | Wheatie Mattiasich & Stephen Santillan + More! Tix & Info

Quebecois Masters: Genticorum
FRI NOV 15 | 8PM

Since 2000, the Genticorum trio has been among the innovative players bringing the French-Canadian music of Quebec to the world. Playing fiddle, guitar, and accordion with foot percussion, the group performs traditional songs with intricate three-part harmony and original tunes inspired by folk tradition. Tix & Info

Album Release Party!
Caleb Stine & The Revelations
SAT NOV 23 | 8PM

Caleb Stine and friends unleash a new batch of songs! Come out for a night of mystic country, good vibes, and special guests. Tix & Info

Album Release Party!
The High & Wides
THU DEC 19 | 7:30PM

The High & Wides project a big, driving sound—mountain musical traditions re-imagined for a new century. They write music about arson, hourly motels, dystopian love songs, and ballads of violent history. Join them to celebrate the release of their ripping new record “Seven True Stories.” Tix & Info

Hank Williams Tribute
SAT DEC 28 | 8PM

In the history of country music, no songwriter has recorded and penned so many songs that 50+ years later are still sung, recorded, and revered. Performances by: Robin & Linda Williams | Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer | Peter & Maura Kennedy | Patrick McAvinue | Mark Schatz Tix & Info

2020 Baltimore Crankie Fest

Watch the world’s greatest stories unroll before your eyes! Baltimore’s beloved festival of scrolled panoramas known as crankies returns for its 7th year of fireside wonder. Tix & Info