Sin categorizar / Mar 3rd, 2016

Women’s History Month Events!

Creative Alliance |

The Creative Alliance is celebrating Women’s History Month with a plethora of high quality programs, including an exhibition, two films, and performances during the month of March.

Silent Score: Boister plays D.W. Griffith’s «Intolerance»
Baltimore’s chamber pop darlings, Boister, celebrate the 100th anniversary of DW Griffith’s magnum opus, Intolerance, with a masterful score to one of the great films of the silent era of cinema. 

Bhangra Dance Party! DJ Rekha
SAT MAR 12 | 8PM
Bhangra music was forged out of a combo of techno and Punjabi music. DJ Rekha is America’s foremost Bhangra DJ and the host of the long running Basement Bhangra party in NYC. Get ready to get down! 

Trixie Little Presents: Queen of Everything
A pioneering new play from the current Reigning Queen of Burlesque The Queen of Everything is a sexy, avant-garde theatrical production inspired by Alpine fairy and folk tales, created by Trixie Little.  

FILM: For Him I Will
THU MAR 24 | 7:30PM
Directed by Bobby Holmes, the renowned director of Live Young Blood, this touching and compelling film For Him I Will introduces three single African American mothers as they share their experiences raising their sons in Baltimore. 

ellen cherry presents: Portraits in Song
SAT MAR 26 | 8PM
Portraits in Song features the live performance of eleven original songs inspired by the stories of powerful women in history. The musical performance is accompanied by large scale projections of commissioned portraits by the artist Liz Downing. 

FILM: Moms & Meds
THU MAR 31 | 7:30PM
Moms & Meds is a documentary film that explores the options women face when they want to have children but take psychotropic medication for mental illness. The film follows multiple women, including the film’s director, Dina Fiasconaro, as they attempt to navigate the conflicting attitudes surrounding this issue.