Sin categorizar / Feb 18th, 2021

Thomas James and Jason Austin featured on UMBC students Podcast!

Perspective from an Aries by Jaz Braswell

The podcasts we created were to shed a light on the Baltimore Art scene and to highlight art inspired by black people for black people. The podcasts were created with the intent to notice the negative discourse around Baltimore and to appreciate the positives about the city, Creative Alliance being a part of that positivity. Each podcast has its own theme; the first one is to introduce everyone speaking, their accomplishments and platforms along with the answer to a very general question of what is art to you and how, by being black and the experiences you have as a black person, you present your work. The second podcast highlights the creative vibes during this 2020 pandemic along with struggles we all have being black during this race war and specifically focusing on the experiences black people and artists have in Baltimore. The third podcast focuses on future work and aspirations within the black community of Baltimore.

Listen to Episodes 1-3 here!