Sin categorizar / Nov 6th, 2020

A Taste of Baltimore Community Cookbook! Support the Maryland Food Bank

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Welcome taste-seekers, culinary explorers, and home chefs of all kinds!

 It is our great pleasure to share with you this lovely collection of recipes submitted by the friends and partners of Creative Alliance. Food is an amazing window into our lives, rooted in our individual and family histories and traditions, and we are so grateful to all who shared their stories and recipes in support of our programming!

In this cookbook, you’ll explore recipes that are reflective of Baltimore’s beautiful multicultural mosaic. From crab cakes to cornbread to curry, we’ve got it all. To us, this cookbook demonstrates how powerfully food connects us. 
No matter who we are or where we come from, one thing’s for certain: our mouths and stomachs know a good meal when they taste one! 

We encourage you to try any and all of the recipes in this book, especially the ones that seem most unfamiliar to you. From the diverse food traditions of Baltimore to dishes from around the world, you’re bound to find something new.
We hope you’ll enjoy exploring this cookbook with an open heart and hungry stomach!

– Ari Pluznik, Community Arts Liaison

Make a donation of $5 or more and we will send you a link to download of over 50 pages of incredible recipes from our comunity. The proceeds go to the Maryland Food Bank. 

Interested in a beautiful printed version of the cookbook? Consider supporting the 20th anniversary of our Art To Dine For series! We will send you a stunning printed version of the cookbook with bonus recipes from past Art To Dine For events! Find out more!