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A Commitment from Creative Alliance

Creative Alliance | A commitment from creative alliance

Dear Creative Alliance Family, 
These past weeks have been challenging for us. As staff, we have had to pause, look into the heart of our organization, revisit our mission, and reaffirm our commitment to our community, humanity, inclusivity, and to listen and learn with openness.
To Black communities: we hear you, we stand with you, and we are committed to digging deeper and joining you in dismantling the embedded systemic issues within our society. We will speak out against racist acts (both subtle and overt) and create a safe space for collaboration and communication. Many of these systemic issues exist within our own organization. We will do the hard work to help facilitate change right here at the Creative Alliance. 

We will listen, learn, speak up, and act.

Our current actions:

  • All staff and Board will receive Racial Justice training
  • We will evaluate our programs in depth to ensure an equitable allocation of resources
  • Our Board and staff will continue to strive towards building a more racially diverse staff and board

It’s a long road, and we are committed to change. We hope you will learn with us and hold us accountable.
Please join us in supporting the artists and organizations below. 
The Creative Alliance Staff




Organizations to Support:

Black Lives Matter | Donate | Resources
ActBlue | Donate | 
Split a donation to all the bail funds, mutual aid funds, and activist organizations listed.
Minnesota Freedom Fund
Black Visions Collective
Reclaim The Block
Campaign Zero 
Unicorn Riot | Independent Media
National Resources List
Black-Owned Restaurants in Maryland