Sin categorizar / Jun 7th, 2017

Join us for THE BIG SHOW!

Creative Alliance | BIG Show promo

We are celebrating our incredibly talented members! Come support the artists, photographers, writers, sculptures, musicians, magicians, jokesters, and more, that are all supporters of Creative Alliance!

Our annual members extravaganza, both in the gallery and on stage, is Saturday, June 24! It begins in a salon style exhibition opening from 6-8pm where all of our members (kids too) are invited to put one piece in the show. This is a fantastic opportunity to expand (or begin) your art collection! Then, we move into the theater for a variety show like no other! Any member can sign up to hop on stage and flaunt their talents…for up to three minutes. This is a family friendly night that is FREE and open to the public!

Here’s how it works:
1. Become a member of Creative Alliance (or maybe you already are one).
2. Submit your artwork (under 3 feet wide) and we have to have to hang it on the wall AND/OR sign up for The BIG Show on STAGE and perform whatever you want on our stage….so long as it is under 3 min.
It’s that easy.

About Membership:
There’s a level for everyone! Here are the details.
Membership supports our growing community and allows us to do what we do! Free education programs for kids & teens, free exhibitions anyone can stop by to see, phenomenal community events like The Great Halloween Lantern Parade, and so much more! Your membership donation also helps keep the lights on and the doors open.

Members also get discounts on tickets and other great perks – take a look!

All ages welcome! Kids 13+ can submit artwork or perform on stage – youth entry is $5.

Dates to Know:
Members’ Artwork Drop-off: Tues, JUN 13 – Sat, JUN 17 | 11am – 6pm each day
On View: June 24 – July 29
The BIG Show On Stage Registration Deadline: JUN 17
The BIG Show Opening Reception: JUN 24 | 6 – 8pm
The BIG Show On Stage: JUN 24 | 8pm
The BIG Show Open Critique: Wed, JUL 19 | 7pm | FREE!