Creative Alliance presents new work by international, national, and local filmmakers. We also lend support and vital resources to Baltimore's thriving independent filmmaking community with workshops, career development, and places for filmmakers to gather, meet one another, and share their passions.

Independent Features

Baltimore's indie film scene is bristling with talent and we are proud of every opportunity we get to be the first to share a film with the world. From rom-coms to action films, experimental to slasher flicks, we've screened it. Some of our favorite annual celebrations of Baltimore filmmakers include the 29 Days Later Film Project and the Best of Baltimore Student Film Festival. We also showcase the best independent features and art films from around the world, chosen for their historic importance or unique artistic qualities.


Opening the door for audiences to learn more about issues affecting them, or simply to understand each other a little better, documentary film is alive and well among local filmmakers and around the world. Odds are, we'll offer the chance after to talk with the filmmakers, and/or the people you've just seen on screen.

Interactive Movie Nights

Your favorite cult movies become wild games...and we make the rules! Dress like your favorite characters, sing along, shout the lines, play games, sip themed drink specials, and win stuff! Some of our past favorites have been Waynes World, Coming to America, The Goonies, and of course - ROCKY HORROR!

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