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Hear Her Voice: Amplifying Vital Voices

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Creative Alliance celebrates the vital voices of women and femme identifying performers, creators, teachers, and artists in a new series that highlights artists throughout 2023. Behind each of these women, there is a story, and in Hear Her Voice, we amplify it. Experience the strength, hardship, transformation, and joy that led to this very moment on stage and in our galleries.

Here are a few highlights of whats coming up at Creative Alliance. Check back often as we add more stories and events with powerful voices!


Daughters of the Dust | MAR 9 | 7PM | Part of the Blackscope Cinema Series
Daughters of the Dust tells the story of little-known African-American history and is the first feature by an African-American woman director to earn a mainstream theatrical release in this country. Decades after the release of her “film of spellbinding visual beauty,” Julie Dash, writer and director, highlights the lasting impacts that the stories we tell can have over generations. Originally released in 1991, Daughters of the Dust was re-released after 25 years, inspired by none other than Beyoncé, who borrowed imagery and aesthetics of the film for her visual album Lemonade.

“Whenever I do a film, it has to take us one step further to making the world safe for everyone.” –Julie Dash

After she had written and directed several shorts, her 1991 feature Daughters of the Dust became the first full-length film directed by an African-American woman to obtain general theatrical release in the United States. Hear more from Julie Dash in her Interview with Vogue.


Awkward Sex… and The City | MAR 3 | 7:30pm
Natalie Wall:
Creator/producer/headliner of Awkward Sex… and the City
In a country where cis men still dictate attitudes around sexuality and dominate the topic in comedy, comedian Natalie Wall encourages people, especially women, to be open and unapologetic about their sexuality. By highlighting unique and cringeworthy sexual encounters, told by women comedians, she subverts the notion that sex should be secretive and that women can’t be funny. Wall is the co-founder of Bad Assery: A Women and Comedy Conference, and she is not just “funny for a girl.” Watch a bit of her story in this video filmed at Paste Studios in New York.

The High & Wides w/ Hannah Lee Thompson | MAR 31 | 8PM
Hannah Lee Thompson: Organizer & Musician
“I’m not someone who can write about things unless I’ve experienced them. I’m always jealous of people who can get their inspiration from stuff like nature or other art. My process is more like: go through something, process it for a few months, then write about it. Once you have the initial idea down though, it’s important to me to edit it from a perspective of ‘how do I make this a better song’, as opposed to ‘how do I best represent my personal narrative.’”

Alison Crockett Presents Echoes of an Era: The Jazz Sides of Chaka Khan | APR 28 | 8pm
Alison Crockett: Singer, Songwriter, Pianist
“I consider myself a musician who comes out of the jazz tradition, the Black music tradition where jazz people take established forms and reimagine them in new and different ways,” she says, eschewing strict genre categorizations for herself and her responsive, ever-evolving artistry.

Alison Crockett has forged a groundbreaking, deliriously unpredictable path as a visionary and fiercely independent artist. She is perhaps the quintessential nu jazz/progressive soul singer of her generation and yet you may not have heard of her—but you’ve no doubt heard her voice.

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Stay Tuned for more stories!

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