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Creative Alliance | Dance Performance
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Exhibition | dancing with my shadows: a journey to self discovery

“dancing with my shadows: a journey to self-discovery” is an immersive solo exhibition exploring the evolution of HOPE, reflecting on her inner journey towards self-discovery. The artwork is a testament to HOPE’s exploration of her inner world, delving into the realms of spirituality, self-love, shadow work, and healing. These self-portraits capture moments of vulnerability and transformation, reflecting her personal quests to understand and accept her shadows and mental health, seeking inner peace.

The 2024 BIG Show Exhibition

The BIG Show opening night begins with a salon style exhibition opening from 6-8PM where all of our members (kids too!) are invited to put one piece in the show. Then, we move into the theater for a variety show like no other! Any member can sign up to flaunt their talents on stage! This is a family friendly night that is FREE for members and open to the public. This is a fantastic opportunity to expand (or begin) your art collection! 


Celebrate Elvis' Half Birthday with a virtual rebroadcast of the 2024 Elvis' Birthday Fight Club. If you missed this SOLD OUT January event, or if you just want to see it again, buying a ticket gives you streaming access to watch for ONE WEEK! This legendary underground fight club offers a "glamorously sleazy" show of cartoon-like violence, flim-flam fisticuffs, below-the-belt comedy, and hot tah-tahs overseen by co-hosts "Elvis" and Kittie Glitter. Grab a horseshoe, rabbit foot, or bowl of Lucky Charms to stream the 13th Elvis' Birthday Fight from the comfort of your own couch or wherever you call Graceland. Impress your friends and get them ready for 2025 coming to DC Jan 3-4 and the Creative Alliance Jan 17-18.

The Amazing Acro-Cats

The Amazing Acro-Cats, featured in the Netflix series Cat People, are coming to Baltimore! This troupe of trained domestic house cats, all former orphans, rescues, and strays, give a one-of-a-kind purrformance that includes cats riding skateboards, jumping through hoops, ringing bells, balancing on balls, and performing other feats of agility and entertainment. The show finale is the only all-cat band in the world: Tuna and the Rock Cats! The Rock Cats play guitar, drums, and piano, and they've been joined by the Jazz Cats on saxophone, trumpet, and clarinet.

Mud to Music: Clay Flutes

Musical instruments have helped us communicate and express ourselves since the beginning of human culture. Learning about the musical instruments of the ancient Americas and building and playing our own instruments helps us to awaken the memory of our connection to nature, cultivate presence through the working with clay, and experience joy through sound and music-making. In this hands-on workshop we will learn about musical instruments that have been made across Central and South America for thousands of years and learn to build our own working clay flutes.


Vibes N Volumes: A Monthly Reading Party

Read and reconnect with Vibes N Volumes, a monthly reading party co-presented with Highlandtown bookstore Dreamers & Make-Believers. Vibes N Volumes is a welcoming, facilitated experience that helps you connect with your favorite/current book and the joy of reading, with live curated music to set the mood. Crank away at your latest read in dedicated silent reading sections, with opportunities to connect with other booklovers through prompts and easy breakouts. Drinks available, with a range of beers, wines, and specialty cocktails and mocktails on our Marquee Lounge menu.


Buy your tickets online, in person, or over the phone by calling 410-276-1651. Members save $3 on almost every show!

Our Box Office is currently open from Noon to 6pm on Fridays and Saturdays and one hour before all ticketed events. We accept cash, cards, and checks. Service fees are waived for in-person ticket purchases.

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