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Creative Alliance | Dance Performance
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Exhibition | dancing with my shadows: a journey to self discovery

“dancing with my shadows: a journey to self-discovery” is an immersive solo exhibition exploring the evolution of HOPE, reflecting on her inner journey towards self-discovery. The artwork is a testament to HOPE’s exploration of her inner world, delving into the realms of spirituality, self-love, shadow work, and healing. These self-portraits capture moments of vulnerability and transformation, reflecting her personal quests to understand and accept her shadows and mental health, seeking inner peace.


Learning to Live Fully: Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation

This monthly program shares ways to meet the challenges of daily life by staying connected to our choices without reacting to people and situations. This is an opportunity to discover well-being within your body and mind regardless of your situation. On alternating months, the program will be conducted in Spanish.

The Mixer: Improv Jam with Highwire Improv

Join Highwire Improv for a community improv jam. Open to all levels, we'll get settled with introductions, some group warm-ups, and a boundaries check-in to make sure we're all ready to play our best with one another. Everyone will get a chance to privately share their comfort level with improv, and then we'll be sorted into teams with a mix of folks from beginner to experienced. Each team will get time on stage while the rest of the groups cheer, laugh, and support.  We'll start with straightforward two-person improv scenes before building up to more advanced moves like walk-on characters and group scenes. After each team has had their turn, we'll all share some things that made us laugh, and folks will be free to hang out, chat, and connect with some new and old improv friends!


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