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Susan Lowe: Curtains Exhibition

The exhibition Curtains is an exhibition about family and masks in figurative and literal. Masks are featured in the exhibition. This collection of work is dedicated to Susan Lowe's grandson Devin who passed away from leukemia in 2017. 

Lowe felt compelled to construct a series of paintings that depict images of objects she saw every day when she visited Devin in the hospital: curtains, hallways, windows, stairs, and doors. Curtains were disturbing to the artist because the sound of the swish of the curtain was heard and seen—ominous. Many other images depict ideas of passage, water, bridges, rafts, and idyllic landscapes.

Light Perspectives: Joe Gerlak and Neville Barbour Exhibition

The use of light has been a creative power wielded by artists for centuries. Through a contemporary lens artists Neville Barbour and Joe Gerlak utilize their skills in various mediums to delight the audience with their artistic vision. Barbour draws on ambient light within his charcoal and graphite drawings on a painted surface. His work explores hyperrealities that often leave audiences viewing the work as photographic. Gerlak explores plexiglass as a medium and a muted color palette to manipulate visible and perceived light. Together Barbour and Gerlak are a pair with diverse perspectives and a bold vision.

Indigenous Apache Cooking

Share in the art of cooking indigenous Apache southwest cuisine, while Judy Tallwing interweaves the process of cooking with personal stories from the indigenous community. For families: This class occurs at the same time as the Indigenous Arts class for children, for a memorable cultural experience for the whole family!

Indigenous Arts for Kids: Kids Hoop Dancing

Led by Ms. Chief Rocka, introduce your kids to the traditional Native American art and practice of hoop dancing. Through playful movement and deep storytelling, students learn the rich history of this practice and work together to honor this tradition as an expressive and thoughtful ensemble.

LOW TICKET WARNING! Black Assets Presents: The Soul Stage

Welcome to The Soul Stage, a new series by Black Assets highlighting the future of soul music in Baltimore by showcasing new and upcoming soul, funk, and indie artists from the scene. With the impact that soul music has had on her life, Black Assets wants to bring soul back to Charm City and trail blaze a lane for it by amplifying critical local voices.


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