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God Couldn’t be Everywhere …That’s Why He Made Momma: Lendl Tellington & Salome Sykes Exhibition

As they realize they could lose their matriarch's home, Salome Sykes and Lendl Tellington turn the camera on their great-grandmother and her nine descendants in order to preserve their family’s legacy. As the brother and sister interview kinfolk, sift through albums, and wade through a century of family furniture, they reimagine these elements as a collection of sensory-driven installations, photography, and cinematic vignettes inspired by generational memories and revelations.

Taking Space Exhibition

Your voice is valid, and we need it in this world. Taking Space is an exhibition that celebrates Latino artists based in Baltimore expressing their love of their cultures and elevating the conversation of their cultures. Each artist has a unique perspective of the Latino community, or Latinidad, and their individual stories of hope, happiness, and history. The artists come from different backgrounds and experiences. Each artist will showcase painting, sculpture, and other mediums to dig deeper into the cultural diversity of Hispanic Heritage Month.  

CANCELLED – Shake Out Your Sillies

Route 66 – A Journey to Learn About The Blues
This is one of the most popular blues songs of all time! Learn the history, sound and styles of blues singing. Then get ready to take a trip to learn how to sing the sound of the blues

Art To Dine For 2023: The Art of Wellness

Usher in the Autumnal Equinox by soaking in a late morning Qi Gong session led by Diana Keener. Then, learn about the surprising benefits of everyday items in your spice cabinet, the medicine in your food, and how to up your diet's nutrition factor with Dr. Shari M. Youngblood DNC, CNS, LDN, Professor of Integrative and Functional Nutrition at Saybrook University. Enjoy a delicious, healthy, organic, fall vegetarian lunch by Quieona Lewis of Sweet Tasting BITES. This event is outdoors at Ruscombe Wellness Center and will move indoors in the event of rain.

POSTPONED – Alejandro Brittes Quartet

Argentine accordionist, composer, and researcher Alejandro Brittes, who will tour in the US this October, has been declared one of the foremost contemporary chamamé ambassadors and innovators. Born of the centuries-long interaction between ritual practices of indigenous Guaraní and the Baroque music influences brought by Jesuits in the Mission period (16th to 18th Centuries), chamamé can be conceived of as a ritual that seeks to communicate with the Earth and the Universe and maintain harmony among humans, through music and dance that lead participants to moments of ecstatic trance. Often this ecstasy is viscerally expressed by participants through a sapucay, a piercing, spontaneous ancestral yell to release strong emotions pent up inside.


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