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Creative Alliance | Dance Performance
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Intermissions: Bao Nguyen

Referencing the geopolitical dispute of the South China Sea between different neighboring Southeast Asian nations, "The Ocean Has the Final Say" is an online performance lecture that collages source materials such as videos, websites, and texts relating to this conflict.

Shake Out Your Sillies! Preschool Movement Class

Shake out your sillies with song, nursery rhymes, puppet shows, instruments, and, of course, a dance party! Each class begins with a breathing exercise before transitioning into music and movement activities. Taught by Eliza Adams, a Maryland preschool teacher and musician, this class is designed for children 5 and under. Caretakers are welcome to join or watch!

Brazilian Bateria Class

Learn from Brazilian samba master percussionist André Coelho from Rio de Janeiro! André will demonstrate and teach each of the essential Brazilian samba percussion instruments. We will have some percussion instruments available for participants to use, but please bring your own instruments if you have any.

Frevo Dance Class w/ Kate Spanos

Learn the basics of Recife’s carnival dance, frevo! Dancer and scholar Kate Spanos will demonstrate and teach this fun, high energy dance using the methodology of Mexe Com Tudo (Otávio Bastos) of Recife, which highlights personal expression and freedom.

Samba Class w/ Ilheuma Zezeh

Learn samba from Ilheuma Zezeh, Brazilian dancer, teacher, choreographer, performer, and healer from São Paulo with a mission to bring more joy to the world through art. Ilheuma Zezeh will demonstrate and teach the basics of samba dance.


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