We Are Present | Opening Reception

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We Are Present | Opening Reception

Main Gallery

SAT MAY 21 | 6-9PM
Event Type: Exhibitions


A new exhibition presented by Joy Davis, Creative Alliance’s new Visual Arts Director entitled We Are Present. This exhibition explores the multitudes of art production and craft in what is currently considered the Maryland, Delaware, and DC metro areas. This exhibition is a launchpad to acknowledge and celebrate the varying experiences and stories of Indigenous and Indigenous-identifying individuals.  

Why do we not inquire about our interactions with Indigenous people in art spaces? Why are indigenous individuals, tribes, and communities presented as lost civilizations instead of present on this land? The salon-style exhibition will showcase Craft, Photography, Illustration, Performance, and other mediums that are beyond the preconceived notions of our production in Indigenous and native contexts. 

Featuring work by Denise Dunkley, Roberto Dyea, Jennifer Folayan, Ashley Minner, Dare Turner, Raine Valentine, and Penny Gamble Williams 

Opening: SAT MAY 21 | 6-9PM
On View: SAT MAT 21-SUN JUL 3

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