Ancestral Celebration at The Ynot Lot

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Ancestral Celebration at The Ynot Lot

Presented in partnership with Motorhouse and Station North Arts District

SUN AUG 21 | 3-7PM

At 2:00PM, prior to the main event, join Iya Keturah and Ile Yemoja Achaba 6-6 at the corner of Greenmont Ave. and E. Oliver Street at the entrance of the Greenmont Cemetery for a special cemetery ceremony and drum-led procession to the Ancestral Celebration at Ynot Lot at 3PM!
Ynot Lot Address: 4 W North Ave, Baltimore, MD 21218

Join us for a special Summer celebration of our ancestors and the traditions that unite us! Hosted by Yoruba Priestess Iya Keturah and West African Spiritual Community Ile Yemoja Achaba 6-6, this is a heartfelt family event where we all can uplift and celebrate our dearly departed. Enjoy song and dance from the West African tradition, including a special traditional Libation Ceremony, and learn about ancestral veneration practices across cultures, with altars, demo tables, and presentations by members of the Latin American, multicultural Jewish, and Indigenous communities, and more TBA! Don't miss a special presentation by traditional dancer James Edwards of the Seneca Nation!

Be a part of the celebration by bringing a photo of a loved one who is no longer with us, along with flowers, candles, and beloved items to include on our Community Ancestor Table. Then, we will remember our ancestors through a ceremony led by Iya Keturah and share stories of loved ones in our Elder Storytelling Circle. Come and learn about different spiritual tradition's approach to remembering, revering, and celebrating those who have passed on, and share your own tradition as well! All are welcome, regardless of tradition, age, or background. 

Bio for Iya Keturah:
My name is Iya Keturah, I am an initiated priestess of Yemoja and Osun Logun in the Yoruba tradition for over 20 years. I am also a Grand Mambo in the Sanci-Vouldoun tradition, and I became a minister in the Universal Life Church since 2014 to honor my ancestors. Today I have a full-service Ile called Ile Yemoja Achaba 66. I have several priest Allie’s to share a life’s work of global community service with and together we are here to serve Baltimore City and the world! Learn more about Iya Keturah and her spiritual community:

Bio for James Edwards:
James Edwards is 63-year-old men's traditional drummer, singer, and dancer from the Seneca Nation of Indians from Buffalo, NY. James has performed throughout the United States and Europe.

In partnership with: 
Station North Arts District
Hinenu: The Baltimore Justice Shteibl 
The Jews of Color Mishpacha Project


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