we're not meant to do this alone

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we're not meant to do this alone

Curator: Charles Mason III 

Last day to view exhibition | DEC 4
Event Type: Exhibitions


On Display: OCT 9 - DEC 4
Visit in person: Creative Alliance is open on Saturdays NOON-5PM (masks must be worn inside)

Curator: Charles Mason III 
Featuring: Jessica Elena Aquino, Samantha Dominik, Ayana Evans, rod jones ii, Baseera Khan, Jotham Malavé Maldonado, Nadia Rea Morales, and Erin M. Riley 

Main Gallery, Creative Alliance, Baltimore, MD 

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To acknowledge our ancestors means
we are aware that we did not make
ourselves, that the line stretches
all the way back, perhaps, to God; or
to Gods. We remember them because it
is an easy thing to forget: that we
are not the first to suffer, rebel,
fight, love and die. The grace with
which we embrace life, in spite of
the pain, the sorrows, is always a
measure of what has gone before.

~Alice Walker, “Fundamental Difference”

we're not meant to do this alone is an exhibition both inspired by the poem “IN THESE DISSENTING TIMES by Alice Walker,” and contemplating Place and the role that it plays within my life as well as the lives of the artists featured. The exhibition includes artists who agree that a defining aspect of Place for each is responding to common phrases, such as “know your place,” “stay in your place,” and “you don’t belong here” as constraints and threats to be lived with when growing up as well as today. All of the artists shared with Mason III their experiences with the idea of Place.    

According to Mason III: 
“This exhibition is about questioning self and unpacking ourselves. We’ve been given time to self-reflect due to a pandemic, to deal with ourselves in a very particular way, but to also show ourselves love, care and tenderness that we may have not had time to do. We are the summation of a lot of folks, ones we loved deeply and others not so much, but each action and moment has forced us to think about who we are, where we deserve and want to be, and the places we’ve had to navigate.”

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