Racial Justice Concert Series

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Racial Justice Concert Series

featuring Afro House in support of Backyard Basecamp


Afro House Presents A Concert for the Cosmos

From the outermost reaches of the cosmos, Afro House’s Astronaut Symphony will stretch, dismantle, and reframe everything you think you know about sound. Fueled by raw energy and futuristic vibrations, the genres of opera, punk and jazz will animate original symphonic performance art pieces composed by Scott Patterson, thus bringing 25th Century music to the here and now.

Afro House offers this concert in support of Baltimore Basecamp, an organization that works to “(re)connect Black, Indigenous, and People of Color to land and nature.” During the performance, Jordan Bethea, a member of Backyard Basecamp's Farm Team, will discuss the organization’s work and explain how viewers can get involved. The performance will be streamed live via Youtube from Baltimore’s Creative Alliance. 


The Racial Justice Concert Series (RJCS), a collaboration among Johns Hopkins students, faculty, and staff, harnesses the power of music to bring awareness to issues of racism in Baltimore and to support Baltimore organizations that focus on racial justice work. The RJCS features performances by Baltimore musicians and provides a platform for racial justice organizations to educate audiences about their efforts. The RJCS is cooperatively produced and funded by the Johns Hopkins Program in Arts, Humanities, & Health, Johns Hopkins Center for Music and Medicine, and Johns Hopkins International Arts & Mind Lab. 

SOURCE is the community engagement and service-learning center for the Johns Hopkins University (JHU) Schools of Public Health, Nursing, and Medicine. SOURCE's mission is to engage the Johns Hopkins University health professional schools and Baltimore communities in mutually beneficial partnerships that promote health and social justice. 

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