Nighttime Photography

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Nighttime Photography

w/ Robert Sullivan

WEDNESDAYS | MAY 12, MAY 19, MAY 26 Times differ per class
$85, $80 members (+$3 Service Fee)

May 12 on ZOOM from 6:30-8pm
May 19 in Fells Point from 8-9:30pm
May 26 on ZOOM from 6:30-8pm

The world looks very different at night. Scenes that might be ordinary during the day can take on mystery and depth at night. Splashes of light, deep shadows, reflections, highlights, mood, and atmosphere are all different at night. Learning how to deal with low-light and night-time scenes can open up an entirely new world of subject matter for the photographer.
This class consists of three sessions. 

WED MAY 12 | 6:30-8PM | ZOOM - A Zoom discussion of some of the important aspects of night photography - including exposure (aperture, shutter speed, and ISO), getting good focus, composition, keeping "noise" to a minimum, and some special techniques such as creating light trails. 

WED MAY 19 | 8-9:30PM | FELLS POINT - We meet in Fells Point and spend the evening practicing night photography. Bring your normal camera gear. A tripod is a must. A remote trigger is helpful, but not essential. We’ll work with whatever camera you have, though you'll get the best results with a DSLR or mirrorless camera with both semi-automatic and manual controls. Bring the camera instruction manual if you have it, in case we need to look something up.

WED MAY 26 | 6:30-8PM | ZOOM - A Zoom session in which we review your photographs. This is a good opportunity to get constructive feedback on your work. 


Robert Sullivan is a photographer and educator. His photographs have won many awards, and have been displayed in numerous galleries and museums. He’s led moonlight and Milky Way workshops on the Eastern Shore, conducted photography tours in Baltimore, and teaches, tutors, and runs workshops dedicated to helping photographers develop new skills and enhance their creativity. Please see for more information.


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