Introduction to Humor Writing

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Introduction to Humor Writing

w/ Lawrence Koger

$50, $45 members (+$3 Service Fee)

A humor writer is a person who writes funny jokes, pieces, and/or stories. Not all humor writers are comedians, and not all comedians are humor writers. This class gives you an introduction on how to identify what is funny, why it's funny, what triggers laughter, and how to create you own memes, jokes, or stories.

Stand-up comedy is the most significant form of humor. Many comedians are famous, make a lot of money, and travel the world, but some of these comedians have writers that help create their content.

When you stumble on funny memes, jokes, or stories, they were created by a humor writer. You can find these memes or stories on Reddit, The Onion, Twitter, Slackjaw, or The New Yorker.

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