Charcoal Drawing Master Class

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Charcoal Drawing Master Class

w/ Alpha Massaquoi

$60 (+$4 Service Fee)

In this master class, you can explore value and temperature using various types of charcoal and blending techniques. Basic charcoal classes usually teach you how to get darks and highlights, but often forget to teach you how to use the rich blacks and lovely mid-tones that make your drawings look more realistic or rich. By the end of this workshop you will have the basic knowledge on how to have rich tones in their charcoal drawings.

Materials can be purchased for $35 at Plaza Artist Materials & Picture Framing (1009 Cathedral St, Baltimore, MD 21201).

If you would like use/purchase your own materials:
- Watercolor brushes 
- Soft Charcoal Pack
- Medium Charcoal Pack
- Chunky Charcoal Stick
- Jumbo Compressed Charcoal Pack
- Large Kneaded Eraser 
- 14x17 Drawing Pad 
- Battery Eraser (optional)

**Note: the type of paper may influence your charcoal drawing. Paper has sizing (glue). The more sizing the longer it will take to build tones. Here are some papers with a limited amount of sizing.

Suggested papers: 
- Stonehenge Paper Sheet Warm White 22x30
- Rives BFK Paper Sheet White 250gsm 22x30

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