Beginners Juggling

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Beginners Juggling

Socially Distanced workshop in Patterson Park

SUNDAYS | MAR 28-APR 18 | 11AM | Patterson Park
$80 (+$4 Service Fee)

Learn to Juggle in beautiful in Patterson Park! Explore the basics, work on hand-eye coordination, and improve your focus. The juggle struggle is a process! Each class introduces new concepts, goes over basic drills, and ends with fun demonstrations showing different types of juggling props with a dash of history mixed in. Resources to online tutorials and advice on how to stay involved with the juggling community during and after the pandemic will also be provided throughout the course.

Class 1: One and two ball drills. How to fail till you succeed. What not to practice.
Class 2: What is good juggling form? More drills to achieve a 3 ball cascade with good form.
Class 3: Siteswapes and how math relates to juggling and different patterns.
Class 4: Celebrating our individual successes and making sure everyone knows how to continue their juggle journey with continued practice.
Suggested for ages 7+


Kathryn Carr has been juggling professionally in the Baltimore/Washington area for more than 15 years. She shares her love of juggling with audiences of all ages at countless community events and festivals in the DMV. Within the juggling community, Kathryn is known for her unique style of hat manipulation, and may be the only woman currently performing a five-hat cascade in the United States! In 2018, Kathryn had the honor of performing at the opening ceremonies of the International Jugglers’

Association’s annual festival. She got her start in juggling in the second grade when the Chesapeake Juggling Institute (run by Jerry Raitzyk) discovered her talents with three-ball juggling during a school program. LINK TO: Follow her on @TheJugglingKat on Instagram and Facebook to see what she’s been working on lately.

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