Ariston Jacks: PRONOIA Opening Reception

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Ariston Jacks: PRONOIA Opening Reception

@ The Amalie Rothschild Gallery

FRI JAN 7 | 6 - 8pm
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Opening Reception: FRI JAN 7 | 6 - 8pm

A native of Pine Bluff, AR now based in Baltimore, MD, Ariston Jacks is a celebrated painter, printmaker, and photographer, whose work is included in many museums, corporate and private collections nationally.

Jacks’ art focuses on the concepts of identity, metaphysics, and abstraction expressed through the narratives of spirituality and family. Jacks often reflects on his familial lineage connecting the dots from nature, scientific data, and the lived experiences of Black people in America. As Ariston celebrates his ancestors, he simultaneously depicts the celestial through iconography and sacred geometric compositions. Pronoia reflects his state of mind. Jacks uses the word “pronoia” for defining thought processes, and a sense of providence, foresight, and spiritual presence that “re-orders” his vision despite the varying challenges of life. 

“There are layers of information intentionally concealed about America’s history. This work attempts to unpack these layers while celebrating the strength, beauty, and grace of the south, its secrets, wisdom, and magic. Ultimately, we as a people live in a crucible and have faced challenges with grace and resilience. Through this process, we are constantly re-born; reconstructing culture and creating new realities.“ -Ariston Jacks

PRONOIA is on view in Creative Alliance’s Amalie Rothschild Gallery from January 7 - February 4, 2022. The exhibition will have a dedicated reception for the artist on Friday, February 4, from 6 - 8pm.

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