DIY Craft Cocktail Happy Hour with Beth-Ann Wilson

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DIY Craft Cocktail Happy Hour with Beth-Ann Wilson

ZOOM Cocktail Workshop

THU MAY 14 | 6:30PM

Gallery owner and veteran bartender Beth-Ann Wilson walks you through crafting your very own “Tequila Ronnie”, a signature drink from the perennial cocktail menu at Snake Hill Tavern in Highlandtown. Learn professional tips and techniques that you can put into practice to elevate your at-home bar experience. Is there something that you have always wanted to ask a bartender? Ask Beth-Ann while we quaff our libations!



Silver Tequila or Joven Mezcal (mezcal will be smoky)


Luxardo Maraschino or Amarena Cherries (sweet fresh berries or preserves also works)

Ginger Beer




Shaker/Mixing tin and Strainer

Muddler or wooden spoon

Knife to cut limes

Spoon for cherries

Your favorite rocks glass or tumbler


Make sure you have your own supplies before the workshop! 

You can purchase as a package from Snake Hill (418 S Clinton St, Baltimore, MD 21224). Open 11:30am-10PM. Package includes 8oz of tequila, Amarena cherries, a lime, and a can of ginger beer for $20. This is enough to make about 4 cocktails. Call ahead for pick-up 410-469-9003.

MAY 14 | 6:30PM | $10 (+$3 Service Fee)



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