OZ! Open Minds

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OZ! Open Minds

Tuesdays & Thursdays FEB 12 - MAY 2 3-5PM
FREE (Registration required)

2D and 3D Art Club w/ Mr. Fernandez

GRADES: 2-5 or ages 8-12 years old

Looking for a way to engage that budding, young artist who loves to draw, paint, or sculpt? This two-dimensional and three-dimensional art club offers a little bit of everything!The Creative Alliance is all things OZ! right now and in this workshop students create drawings from memory, observation, imagination, and in response to reading materials in the theme of OZ! We will explore the techniques and tools that artist use everyday to bring their works to life including creative layering, working with diverse materials, and exploring wide range of media - starting with pen and pencil and extending to color explorations in pastel and paint. With the introduction of each new medium and technique, students create studies and sketches as a foundation for several larger, refined 3D pieces to exhibit in Kids Corner Gallery.  The kids will dive in to every level of the artistic process, experimenting with their vision, and experiencing a variety of traditional and non-traditional techniques, media, and surfaces.

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FEB 12- MAY 2 | TUE & THU 3-5PM | FREE

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