CANCELLED: Film Appreciation w/ Luke MacCloskey

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CANCELLED: Film Appreciation w/ Luke MacCloskey

Saturdays JAN 25-FEB 29 | 12-3PM
$100, $90 MEMBERS (Price is for all six classes)


Film Lovers! This is a class for film enthusiasts who want to study movies as an art form. View each film in its entirety and have a lively discussion about its place in movie history. From the silent era to the 1960s we look at seven films over six sessions. Explore a wide range from from Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin to John Huston and John Frankenheimer. Please contact Creative Alliance for the class syllabus.


What makes a film great? Why do some movies endure for generations and stand the test of time? Watch the movies that have influenced today’s directors and see that there’s nothing new under the sun. In Hollywood they don’t call it stealing, they say they’re paying homage to those who came before. 

This class is for movie lovers who have a passion for watching films from the last 115 years including silent, foreign sub-titled, and black and white. While watching a movie as the filmmakers intended you to, it is ESSENTIAL to give your entire attention to the screen for the whole film. To get the most out of your viewing experience, it’s so important to watch undistracted. Give yourself the gift of leaving your cell phone in the car, go to the bathroom beforehand, willingly suspend your disbelief, and allow yourself the time to enjoy and to get caught up emotionally in each story. After we watch the film in its entirety, including the credits, we open the floor for in-depth discussion. 

This first series is a broad look at film history from the silent era to the 1960s over 6 sessions looking at 7 films. From Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin to John Huston and John Frankenheimer, this class looks at a broad range of films. 

I will introduce the movie and give you a historical context, what to look for, and why we’re watching this particular film. We will watch trailers for the upcoming films each week.  We will watch relevant short films and DVD extras about the actors, directors, and the people who make the films we love.

We’ll watch some of the greatest films in movie history and talk about what makes them great. Get a deeper understanding of movies by studying how they are made. We’ll look at movies as time capsules, examining the plots and characters of a world that no longer exists, trying to understand the long outdated way of life and anachronistic jokes and situations that were popular in the culture. 

This class is for film lovers who have already seen Citizen Kane and Casablanca. We will watch films that you may not have seen by the great film-makers. 


Luke MacCloskey is an actor with a Film Studies Degree from the University of North Texas. He’s been leading Film Appreciation classes in York, PA for the last seven years.   He has performed on stage and screen around the country. He was hand-selected by award-winning playwright Jeffrey Sweet to perform in Mr. Sweet’s New York City production of “Bluff.” Favorite film roles include starring in “Myopia” and “Install” with director Bruce Branit. Luke has performed stand-up comedy in California, New York, and Florida. He also wrote and starred in the one-man show “Waiting on America,” which had its premiere in Los Angeles, California. 

SATURDAYS JAN 25 - FEB 29 | 12-3PM | $100, $90 MEMBERS (Price is for all six classes) 



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