Art To Dine For - Soul Food & Transcendent Rhythms

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Art To Dine For - Soul Food & Transcendent Rhythms

SAT NOV 16 7-9PM


Southern Fare | Innovative | Hamilton-Lauraville | $75
Float away with Afro House founders and the Astronaut Symphony! Nestled within the beautiful tree-lined streets of Hamilton-Lauraville is Scott and Alisha Patterson’s charming 1938 colonial home. Scott is the 2019 winner of the prestigious Mary Sawyers Imboden Prize, and Alisha Patterson is managing director of Afro House. Envelop yourself in a transformative performance, futuristic and retro, led by Scott and the Astronaut Symphony; together they create symphonic art pieces by mixing beat box and opera, ballet and punk music, and funk! Savor scrumptious Southern cuisine by Ida B’s and tasty cocktails.

Co-Hosted by Sally Scott, Jimmy Potash, Larry Moscow & Cindy Paradies.

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