Amethyst Love Godz: Wedding of the AfroFuture

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Amethyst Love Godz: Wedding of the AfroFuture

SUN JUL 7 5:30PM

Just as life, their love sprung from triple darkness. Two diasporic spirits, being guided by ancestral forces, persevere blindly through blight and despair into the collective memory of black love. Every form of life is cradled by darkness.

In this film, Amethyst Love Godz: Wedding of the AfroFuture, Black Skin is celebrated as proof of survival, ancestral acceptance, and divinity. The term “dark” or “black” has been negatively repurposed by the colonized world and this incorrect narrative has dominated the societal view of Blackness as a color and a global race of people.

 The Lovegodz (Portrayed by B.FLY and Kariz Marcel) are ancestral embodiments of the first African couple to be captured and sold into the american slave trade. 400 years after their kidnapping, they return, to end the colonizers reign and unite in holy matrimony.

SUN JUL 7 | 5:30PM | $25


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